Ref NoMLP/128
TitleCollection of photographs of Simister taken before the completion of M62 motorway
DescriptionTaken by Gertrude Jolley listed as follows:

1. Toll Bar at Cambashaw Farm, the road leading to the farm where the toll is collected, 1969.

2. Toll Bar at Cambashaw Farm, the farmyard and the road through it.

3. Toll Bar at Cambashaw Farm, the last road in the area where, in 1969, a toll is collected

4. Footpath from Simister Lane to the Bridle Road skirting Heaton Park wall. Heywood Farm is in the distance. The Manchester Outer Ring Road, Middleton Link to the M62 at Simister will pass through this area.

5. The old stile for the Bridle Road and the footpath from Simister Lane. This part of the footpath will be closed when the Manchester Outer Ring Road is made.

6. Corday Lane. This was originally part of the Bridle Path from Middleton Road to Unsworth Pole (where there is a Heaton Park signpost). It will be closed on completion of the Lancashire - Yorkshire Motorway (M62).

7. The pool opposite Cowl Gate Farm at the junction of Corday Lane and Egypt Lane. Manchester overspill houses are in the distance and the M62 motorway will run about 300 yards to the left of the picture.

8. Old Hall Farm in Old Hall Lane. This farm will be demolished when the Manchester Outer Ring Road, Middleton Link to the Lancashire - Yorkshire Motorway (M62) is made.

9. Mr. Reader, then a Simister resident, ploughing with Jim and Dolly in the spring of 1959, the last year in which horses were used for ploughing in this area. The land, off Old Hall Lane, is part of Old Hall Farm.

10. The oldest part of Simister's "Same Yet" Inn (at the left-hand side of the picture) has a date-stone "1728". Originally this was probably a farm which sold home-brewed beer. It is marked on the 6" map as a beer house.

11. Reservoir near Baguley Brow Farm, Bowlee. Early in 1963, after long frost, the water leaked from the reservoir and the ice cracked and slipped.

12. Section showing how ice cracked and slipped when water leaked from reservoir at Bowlee in 1963.

13. Surfacing the north-bound lanes.

14. Simister Bridge, construction of the motorway with beams in position.

15. Foundations for the bridge in Simister Lane, at the West Side.

16. Simister Bridge, concreting up on the deck.

17. Brookvale Settlement for mentally handicapped adults at Simister.
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